Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A road trip in FNQ.

Holidays can be so relaxing...
Especially if you're travelling with kids, it rains a lot, a fair bit of driving is to be done and there is no internet reception so the kid's favourite app doesn't work. Yep, good times.
Actually it wasn't that bad. We flew to Cairns in far North Queensland (FNQ) and drove around in Daintree National Park, did the Bloomfield track trough Cape York and drove the inland way back to Port Douglas.
Colour would probably have been better but I'm stubborn and sticking to my B&W guns.
Beware: lots of palmtrees, raindrops and 4wd photos coming up.

As I said, so relaxing...

And yes, it did rain a lot the first week.

 Driving through an ancient rainforest is pretty nice if I may say so.

And muddy 4WDs look better.

 Instead of camping we were forced to take cabins the first week.

 But lots of rain = big waterfalls.

 Wandering off into crocodile territory.

 The beach is a good playground.

 This pretty much sums up the first week.

Cloudy mountains.

 Roadside lunches.

 So much fun...

 Ipad in the afternoon.

Homework in the morning.

 The sun finally came out and we could go camping, yew.

 7am beach walks.

 Not a bad place to wake up (apart from the ten million midges and the constant smell of coils and Aeroguard)...


 What can I say...

 Can't visit FNQ without a crocodile tour.

 A little side mission to the Trevathan Falls.

Worth the side mission.

 So Australian.

 A scene asking for a B&W shot.

 Not a bad place for lunch and a swim.

 Pip being small in Mossman Gorge.

A swimming hole to ourselves.

Rainforest is cool.

Till next time.

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