Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Summer trough to Easter.

It has been a fair while since I've posted some photos, so here we go. 
Going back to the summer holidays, festive season, back to school and finishing with a camping trip over Easter.

Till next time.

When Sinterklaas delivers the goods all the way from Spain.

Digging deep.

Burning of some energy after dinner.

A boy and his Lego.

Setting up the tree.

Christmas day.

Always nice to have visitors!

Christmas breakfast.

Opa on.

Opa off...

Grill master.

More Lego.

Date night in Brisbane.

Good times in the afternoon at T&S.

And their new puppy Sunny.

He lost interest in his sushi...

Quick end of summer camping trip to the Byron Bay region.


The Pass.

Lunch stop on the way home at The Farm.

When friends come over for a sleep over...

First day back at school.

The kids have adopted Nienke's love for puzzles (not me though).

Getting your nails done.

Birthday girl, so happy...

One more camping trip before it gets to cold. Girraween NP this time.

Waiting for the fire to be lit.

Big rocks and little kids.


Baking as always.

Great way to finish the post...

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