Monday, 7 August 2017

Home, Sydney, home and the Bunya Mountains.

It has been a while since some photos appeared here so here we go:
While my parents were here Nienke and I spend some time in Sydney and early winter we went to the Bunya Mountains with T&S. 

In between life goes fast with two grommets. Good times all round.

PS: dots were the go this winter... 

Life on the coast: Go for a surf.

Go for a walk.

And hang by the beach.


Off to Sydney.

Eye wear.

As B&W as can be.

Post lunch touch up.


Basking in the morning light.

... x 2


Tropical cemetery.

Had to.


Monday = swimming.

... + ===

When you dress up as Peter Puppy at the Letterland party at school.

A typical Saturday morning.

I seem to take a lot of photos of Nienke with her phone. Sorry babe...

Frothing on his milk.


Drawing, always drawing.

Golden hour.

Cactus score at the Yandina markets.

This was a good spot for afternoon tea (apparently).

A three night getaway to the Bunya Mountains: Cold mornings, bush walks and wood fires.

Nien being the cool mum she is.

The bunya pines rising above the rest of the forest.

And again.

Wake up view.

15 years together, 8 years of marriage, 7 years in Oz and two kids later. My girl!

Trying to line these two up for a photo.

Spotting eagles.

These three!


Big trees small kids.

... x 2 

Lines by nature.

My kids are always happy and never tired...

Hazy mornings.

Roadside lunches.

Thanks and goodbye from the Sunshine Coast. 

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