Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Sharks patrol these waters.

Life has been pretty steady over the last couple of months. No exotic lifestyle with overseas holidays and extravagant trips. Just hanging at home, by the beach, couple of birthdays, first day of school and a family visit.

Not bad though...

Catching up with T&S for pizza on the beach. 

 The ongoing saga of animal role play.

When Frankie wants to be in the photo by herself.

1st Day of school.

 This one pretty much sums it up.

 Boom... Head vs tarmac.

 Went to Brisbane for a day.


 Sharks patrol these waters. I

 Every day, every day...

 Water gun fights.

Alexandra Headland.

 Find Pip.

Insta famous.

 It still is funny for this European to see bananas growing in real life.

 The Pocket in Moffat, where we hang for coffee.

 The morning of Pip's birthday.

Birthday cakes and birthday hugs.

 Yep, I've got iPad kids...

 After school tea, biscuits, drawing and madness.

Apparently Duplo is for the little kids... It is all Lego from now on.

 Walk at Glass House NP.

 How we roll!

 Singing songs with oma.

 Sweaty mum.



 And then it was Frankie's birthday.

 Instructions on how to take a good photo of us (it worked).

Perigian beach. 

Sharks patrol these waters. II

Sharks patrol these waters. III

 Pre bed time fun, Pip must be really enjoying his mouthful of air.

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