Friday, 21 October 2016

A trip back home.

It was that time again, our bi-annual trip to the motherland to catch up with friends and family. A (in total) 30-hour trip with a 2 and a 4 year old is not much fun but we managed all right and in the end it was all worth it. Long sunny days, a quick getaway to Antwerp for Nienke and I and familiar faces made for an all time trip.
PS: beware, about a hundred photos in this post.

Amsterdam, what a lovely city you are!

Old vs New

1/2 Frankie - 1/2 Pip

Loving Opa's trains.

Apparently they all had to sit together for the shot.

We managed to catch four.

Waiting for the ferry to cross 'Het IJ' for dinner with T&T and my parents.


Chicken or beef?

Thanks to Opa and Oma we were actually able to eat our dinner in (semi) peace.

Frankie in the urban jungle.

Out of focus and too much flare, but a cool shot anyway.

Drinks with Thijs and (a very pregnant) Tille.

Did I say very pregnant?

No more of this now you have a baby T&T ;)

Catching the bus on my own for some street shots of Amsterdam.

Poor dog.


Nice bun.

City meets nature.

Perfect for a B&W shot.

Interesting hair on public transport I.

Interesting hair on public transport II.

Toilet break?

Someone has to work on his/her French...

Coffee break.


After the kids were picked up by my parents Nien and I were off to Antwerp.

The city of 'bling bling'.

The light was awesome this afternoon!

Had a great pasta al vongole here, thanks chef.

Of course we, just like everyone else, had some Belgian friet met mayo! 

Reflections in the bathroom.

Back in Holland we stayed a week with my parents in the country (= cows and farmland)

You can't get more Dutch than Hema and a pushbike.

Filthy kids...

Market day in Zutphen.

I <3 Holland.

A random play area in the middle of some forest.

Time for some meat.

A the local annual town fair in Geesteren.

Zoepen en angoan!

Breakfast shenanigans.

Crazy kids (yes you too Thijs) and a typical Dutch sky.

B.C. (those with kids will know...).


Time to get back to Amsterdam before flying back home.

Here we go again for another 30 hours of fun...


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