Thursday, 4 August 2016

Life rolls on.

Here are some photos from the last couple of months. I know Instagram is nice but here I show you (nearly) all: the good, the average, the bad and maybe sometimes the ugly.
Our daily life documented by me. On film, in black and white.

A quick 2,5hr drive to see our friends' place in Maryborough.
(Stop moving further and further away Zimms...)

Issy while the rest goes wild on the trampoline.

The gang, minus Frankie.

Somehow this looks so 80's Steffy...

Mun and daughter.

Stef getting Issy ready for coffee from one side of the house.

Stef getting Issy ready from the other side of the house.

Tom working on a cardboard cubbie. Somehow Aussie men always have to build something...

When the tv talks the kids are quiet.

Pip after a 30 min trampoline session. 

Back home.

Coffee at Moffat Beach.

Even Batman eats breakfast.



A boy and his stick.

Black and white doesn't always work: Pip after 'red nose day' at kindy.

Shy Frankie.

Like it...



Balancing act.

Walk around Noosa. Sunshine Beach --> A-Bay --> Sunshine Beach.

Finding Frankie.

Frankie + ice cream = happy kid.

Frankie - ice cream = not so happy kid.


Pip x 3

Pip and Frankie x 3

When the place you go for dinner has a tv...

Thanks and have a nice day ;)


  1. Beautiful Teun. Your eye for these moments is amazing.

  2. Teun, I would like your permission to republish some of your photos on my social media accounts:

    - Karim

    1. That is ok Karim (I also messaged you on Instagram). As long as you give me the photo credit. Thanks.