Sunday, 28 September 2014

A family trip back 'home'.

Last month we went back to Holland to introduce little miss Frankie to everyone and to have some kind of a holiday. All-in-all we spend two weeks in Holland and a week in South-France.

Stripes and lines in France.

Mum and dad happy.

Terrible light leak but cool shot anyway.
(Yes, I opened the camera before rewinding the film...).

Thijs and Mathilde a couple of days before they got engaged. 
Bring on the party in May!

Bubble! (more will follow...)

Nienke vs fly curtain.

Do you want any ice-cream? (from the front).

And from the back.


Mathilde, you look worried... ;)

Photobombed bij oma.

Baguette pour moi!

Breakfast time, not always as fun and easy as it looks here.

Back in Holland.

Photo rule 1: Never take a photo of someone eating...

F.U. too!

Happy kid.

More bubbles (and another happy kid).

Even more bubbles.

Salut, doei!

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