Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bali pics.

These pictures are not so much about the Island of Bali but more about our time during the 10-day trip to the island of Gods.
I hope you enjoy them nonetheless.

Unlucky traveller.

Home away from home.

Your typical Bali tourists.

Crunching numbers.

I too was wondering what was happening up there.

Too many zeros.

Instagram dinner date.

She was on to me.

Candle/torch light dinner.

Thijs in the way.

It is hard to beat street food in Bali.

Thijs wants his coffee very special.

Thijs in the way (again), cheers bro...

I'm a sucker for backlight photos ;).

Chicken or beef?

She wasn't impressed with the hostess being in her way of a toilet run.

I nearly got in a fight with this dude (but he still made it to this post...).

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