Thursday, 10 January 2013

Life at home.

Who says life at home is boring? I'm having a great time here in summer. Crazy kid, plenty of visitors and great weather. Yes the Aussie summer is in full swing (blog entry regarding this coming early March) and everything is going well.  Here are some shots from the last two months at home in Maroochydore. From me to you.

Classic Pip(ie)

At home at nr. 15.

Rimko and Ingrid came over for a bbq to celebrate another year in Nienke's life.

Sorry Ingrid, you'll probably don't like this one but I think it is a great picture.

Pip, happy and energetic as always

Mum and dad came over for a week and we celebrated the start of 2013 by watching the fireworks from the top of Alexander Headland.

My attempt at a portrait...

No, mum is not pointing East. This is a post 6am beach run stretch.

Typical dad.


Nienke and I went to Noosa Heads for a day and this was pretty much my view the whole day. Women...

An Aussie family migrating from hotel to beach.

Modern kid.

Went for a barefoot bowling session, Dad and I won... Sorry ladies.

Happy granddad.

If you made it this far... Thank you for watching.